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We are building a community fund to provide grants for artists. Join us and donate £1 a week to support Liverpool's artists. With 500 people giving, we aim to grant £500 each week to an individual local artist living or working in Liverpool.


Kali Diston Jones,


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"The Art Collection grant has been exceptionally useful to me as I have been developing my music production skills via lots of different projects. The grant has meant that I have been able to buy digital software which recreates the sound of vintage recording equipment, giving further creative character to instrumental recordings. This has largely broadened the possibilities of sounds that I can achieve in my home recording setup."

Playing Guitar for Money


Set up a standing order of £1 weekly, or £4 monthly, to our account. You can find the details further down the page.

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Members nominate local artists in Liverpool to receive a £500 microgrant. Decisions are made by you the giver, by casting your vote in a poll.

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Our goal is to award four separate grants of £500 each month to support individual artists living or working in Liverpool. This can be for anything, from supplies, exhibitions, gigs, to alleviating financial worry and creating an atmosphere where creation can thrive.


There is strength in numbers. If you value the arts, and would like to join us to support Liverpool's creatives and artists, there are three things we need you to do:

1. Set up a standing order of £1 a week, or £4 every four weeks, coming out on a Monday, to the bank account details below, using your surname as a reference. You can also set up as £26 every 6 months or £52 a year!)

Bank Details:

Account Number: 20431840

Sort Code: 60-83-01

Account Name: Art Collection Liverpool

2. Send us an email at to tell us that you have joined. This is so that we can contact you to vote. If you would like to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine, but as we send out a poll monthly by email, you will not be able to cast a vote! Please tell us the reference for the standing order that you have set up too.

3. Shout about us! Tell your mum, tell your friends, tell your local artists. Scream it from your roof, send it out in a tweet, or paint it on your walls. We need you to spread the word so that we can make grants every week.

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