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We are Liverpool's first community art fund, supporting:

  • the writer of your favourite book 

  • an artist whose music fills you up

  • the painter whose print is hanging on your wall

We are Art Collection Liverpool, a group of people building a community fund for our local creatives and artists, and we would love to have you build it with us.

Donate £1 a week, and your pound, along with many others, will build weekly grants for individual artists. 

Throughout the course of the COVID pandemic, little support has been available to our artists and creators, our musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers, film-makers, doodlers, songwriters, our bards and our storytellers - the very people whose work has brought us light in the dark, hope in the midst of fear. Emergency funding hasn't been enough, and we are at risk of losing creatives and artists to other areas.

Without art, our lives become monotonous and boring. Two words that have never been used to describe Liverpool.

We value the arts, and we don't want to see artists spend more hours trying to support their work than actually creating. We hope that we can go a little way to helping.

A donation of £1 a week is a gift to our defiant, creative, buzzing city, and all its inhabitants. 500 donations gives us £500 to grant each week. We don’t have to tell you that art makes the world a better place, but without funding, it doesn't get made. As Art Collection Liverpool, we put decision making power back into the hands of those who immerse themselves in art and culture, and remove some financial barriers to creating.

There is power in numbers. There is power in movement. And there is power in Liverpool.


Creation is costly.

And so our grants can fund anything, from supplies, space, travel, exhibitions, gigs, projects, equipment, membership of a body, to heating, or even removing some financial worry to foster a more creative mindset.

We are particularly interested in supporting artists who have been traditionally underrepresented; Black art, Queer art, art from minority communities, art for and by disabled people. While we aim to primarily support artists, we will also consider grants to small, community-run or grassroots organisations that further creation in the community.

Each month, we collect nominations from you the givers, for artists you think should receive the next month’s grant. Then the community votes on who will receive these funds. The top four artists in the vote will receive the funding. Collectively, we will be a significant local funder of Liverpool artists.

Set up your standing order, and get your nominations in!


Our committee is a passionate, representative group of people whose responsibility is keeping Art Collection Liverpool accountable to the community. Our Committee meets quarterly to review the funding that has been granted in the last three months. If we are low on nominations in a certain month, the Committee will be called upon to make nominations. In the case of difficult decisions, the Committee will make a decision based on majority opinion.

Each quarter, we will assemble our committee to make sure that we are spending your money in the right way. Our committee will ensure that we are accountable to our community, funding art that is representative of Liverpool’s creative community in its entirety.