Tango Dancers


What does my £1 a week do?​

We aim to gather 500 donations of £1 each week, and make £500 weekly grants to local artists living or working in Liverpool.

Can I give more than £1?

Thank you for the offer! But we would rather that we keep all monthly donations equal, each member's pound becomes part of the £500 grant.

How do I set up a standing order?

You can do this through your bank, either in branch, over the phone, or via online banking. We are sorry that we cannot arrange direct debits, but once you set up a standing order you can leave it to run, and you won't have to restart again unless you change banks.

What is the money used for?

We grant the money to Liverpool artists to be used at their own discretion. We do not want to dictate what this money is used for, but instead let the artist use the money in a way that enables them to create. The money could be used for anything, from materials and equipment, to travel, to development, to space rental, even to paying heating bills for cold studios. We are not prescriptive.

I am an artist, can I nominate myself?

You are not able to nominate your own art, you must be nominated by someone else in the group. 

How do I make a nomination?

Please check our nominations page to find out how to nominate someone. 

How do we know where you are spending the money? 

Those who give will play a crucial role in the distribution of the fund. As long as you give £1 a week, you can nominate the artist, and you can cast your vote on which artist will receive the fund.

We keep you up to date via a monthly email, where we will let you know who we funded every month. And this email is the same place that you will access the poll for next month's grants. We also ask whether the artist is happy to share what they spent the money on, and provide images or a story. When we get these, they will be fed back to you. 

I don't have £1 a week to spare, but I want to help some other way. How can I help?

We would love if you could spread the word! We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and please tell all your friends about us, it helps us to grow! You can also send us a story in the Join Us page, and tell us about what Liverpool's creative community means to you. We love to hear your stories