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An Update from our Second Grant Recipient: Akoma Arts

We received some feedback from Akoma Arts, Art Collection's second grantee . Again, a big well done to Art Collection members- this is the collective effort of £1 a week from all of us that has allowed us to make this £500 microgrant to a local artist!

Here's what Michelle of Akoma Arts had to say:

Akoma Arts: Visual Artist

"I decided to use funds toward my 'passion project' Meet me at the Spring a short film I'm working on. It's an observational documentary style film about the conversations that happen as people collect water and visit the natural spring at St James Gardens in Liverpool. My aim is to highlight the characters and exchange of ideas, histories, experiences and positive energy within this vital community space; and the ways Liverpool communities have been able to remain connected and resilient in the face of Covid 19. A Community screenings of the film will be hosted online and premiered at the Palm House on 26th February as part of the Liverpool Afrikan Diaspora Filmmakers Collective (LADFC) film showcase - screening a series of short films. See some pictures below!


As you know, any artists who receive our fund are nominated by our giving community. If you would like to nominate an artist to be considered for funding, you will need to be a member of Art Collection Liverpool. Click here to find out how.

Once you are a member, you can nominate an artist for a grant by writing to us at We also will consider small, grassroots organisations and crowdfunders on a individual basis.

Please check our nominee rules here before you do, and provide some information about the artist's work, letting us know where we can find the artist online.

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