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Art Collection Liverpool funds local artists

Art Collection Liverpool provides grants for artists, from a fund that is entirely built of small donations from the people who love Liverpool’s art.

At full size, we will be able to support independent artists with funding amounting to £500 each week. Artists can use this funding to support their work in whatever way they want. This can be for new opportunities, materials, memberships, coaching, travel, or even for paying their bills.

Unlike many grants, we won’t ask you for an evaluation or an interim report. There’s no lengthy application form, and we don’t want to have to imagine your art through words. We fund your art because we want to see it, hear it, feel it.

Our members nominate artists each month, and we intend to fund 4 artists every month. We recognise the value of art, not just personally, but for communities, societies, worldviews, tolerance, and the economy. Art changes how we engage with the world. And we are happy knowing our money is going directly to support Liverpool’s creative minds.

We are currently building our members, to allow us to make our very first grant. If you would like to join, please click into the Join Us page in the top menu for more details. If you can’t afford to support us right now, please tell all your friends about us!

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