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Art in 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

We get up. If we are lucky, we work, we eat, we sleep.

Repeat. Especially in 2020.

Where is the in between? What engages the senses, makes life worth living?

It's the books you read, the shows you watch, the prints on your walls, the songs you compose in the shower.

It's the music that fills up bits of you that you didn't know existed. The films that stay with you for days.

The drawing your child did that's still on the fridge, and even the one in the recycling bin.

It's the gigs, the markets, the concerts, the plays.

It's the community spaces, the lively conversations, the swapping of ideas, the teaching of new skills.

The discussions, the dancing, the classes.

The lifeblood.

Look what it can do for us. It can keep us living.

This year, art has been how I have lived my life. Writing, photographing, singing, and consuming, consuming, consuming, all in my 4th floor apartment which a view of the Mersey if you stretch your neck. Books, poems, online experiences, games, tv tv tv tv tv and movies. I've ordered more artwork than ever before, filled shelves with books, taken upteen pictures out the windows, got lost in shows and movies, anything to feel like I'm not in the little constant work-sleep box again today, and I'm sure you feel this too.

When (when???) we can emerge, startled, back into the world, let's run to the shows, forget the guest list and pay the full price if you can, let's fill the walls with things created by friends, neighbours and locals. Let's shout from the rooftops about our mate's play at the community hall, and go for a pint after wards to take the mick clean out of them- we loved seeing them alive, really.

Let's feel VIBRATIONS in music, not just what our speakers can handle. Let's see colour everywhere.

Let's touch, play, share and create, create, create but together, and close.

Let me at it.


Art Collection Liverpool is a community fund for artists in Liverpool. The concept is simple. Supporters of local art donate £1 weekly, and at 500 people, this becomes weekly grants of £500 to artists across Liverpool.

Those who give £1 weekly send in nominations for their favourite local artists. Each person who gives votes on who will receive each grant.

Help us build our fund by joining us. Set up a standing order, and nominate as many artists as you like.

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