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Local Art Shops in Liverpool

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Spread your coin and support the creative community in the run up to Christmas, in some of the best art and crafts shops in Liverpool.

Cass Art

Situated on School Lane, beside the Bluecoat, Cass Art has a great selection of materials, from canvases to wax, for all sorts of creative activities. With friendly and helpful staff, and the odd spin the wheel jackpot, Cass Art is a great spot in the centre of town for supplies. They also host occasional events and workshops.

Rennie’s on Bold Street

Rennie's is part gallery and part shop, and one of the best places in the town for art supplies. Staff are knowledgable, the student discount is great, and prices are very reasonable. It is always a pleasure to visit Rennies.

R. Jackson and Sons

Another long established business, this shop is a Liverpool institution. It is one of the oldest art shops in the UK, and very well stocked, with a canvas stretching service.


Based in Stoneycroft, Craftys is not only well stocked with arts and crafts supplies, but also runs workshops and classes. They also do party supplies and baking supplies.

Abakhan Fabrics, Hobby and Home

Big among many knitting, quilting, and dressmaking fans, Abakhan is based in the Fabric District of Liverpool, and has been a go to for generations. It has a wide array of fabrics, threads, hoops, frames, templates, cutting supplies and much much more, and is worth a visit just to get lost in for a few hours. We also love to say the name like it's the start of a double dactyl poem.

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