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Where to find funding for my music?

Making the decision to go after funding for your art is very exciting. The possibilities of what you could do if you were able to access some of those all-important funds for artists and musicians across the UK! But the search, and the tedious application processes, can end up taking huge amounts of time and energy. We hope to make this a little bit easier for you. Here’s some of the national and local funders that are funding music like yours. Whether it is an education project, or something new you’re creating, we hope you will be able to find something useful here.

If you haven’t considered some of the local community funders local to Liverpool, scroll to the bottom of the page to find out more.

Funding for Musicians and Composers in the UK:

Art Council of England: Many of you will be familiar with these grants. These are some of the most in demand grants for artists in the UK. The Arts Council have a rolling application process for many of their grants throughout the year ranging from £1,000-£100.000. The activity must take place mostly in England.

National Lottery Project Grants allow individuals to undertake new artistic projects.

Developing your creative practice grants are there to support artists in taking another step in their creative practice, whether that is training, affording time to create, or building networks.

The Arts Foundation Futures Awards: Annual awards, up to 6 £10,000 awards each focusing on a different art form, with rotating categories each year. Limited to emerging UK artists.

Grand Plan Fund: Funding of Up to £1,000 awarded each month for people of colour based in the UK for any new creative project.

Wellcome Trust Awards: Number of awards per year. Small to medium sized projects can enter for up to £40,000, and larger projects that have high levels of impact for more than £40,000. Focuses on artists from UK and ROI, but applicants are usually connected to a organization such as a gallery.

Black Artists Grant: A no-strings fund of £500 awarded 3x monthly to Black artists. Based in UK. You can flag your work to them by following the link.

PRS for Music Composers’ Fund: Rolling applications for up to £10,000, supporting activity that would allow composers to move forward at a critical stage in their career. Open to UK-based composers who are writing for live performance. Must be a member of PRS for Music to apply.

Help Musicians Awards: Help Musicians have a number of rolling and open awards and funds, which focus on different aspects of work, support, and creative development. And see their huge (11 pages!) database of funding sources here.

Hinrichsen Grants: Rolling applications for grants (average £1,000) and bursaries (average £11,000). Focus on UK reach, and no age restriction. Like to fund new work.

Musicians Benevolent Fund- Peter Whittingham Jazz Award: Up to £5,000 available for a project by an emerging jazz musician or group. Want to see innovation. Must be resident in the UK for at least 5 years.

PRS for Music Open Fund for Music Creators: Supporting projects by ongwriters, composers, or artists, bands, producers and performers who are writing their own music or commissioning others. Up to £5,000 available.

The MOBO Help Musicians Fund: Up to £3,000 to support creative output and business support. The funding is available for recording and releasing music; helping to build creative portfolios and get music out into the world. Artists can apply for financial support towards a new EP, a series of single releases, a marketing plan around new music or content creation to accompany any new release.

Any solo artist, producer, songwriter or group working within any genre can apply but preference may be given to; R&B, Afrobeat, Soul, Hip Hop, Grime, Jazz, Gospel, Garage, Reggae and African music.

Applicants should be over 18 and based mostly in UK.

There are usually a plethora of Arts Opportunities at the British council, see here.

Funding for Musicians and Composers based in Liverpool:

Awesome Liverpool

Awesome Liverpool give away £500 every month to an awesome project happening in Liverpool. They want to hear from projects that will make Liverpool more awesome. Applications close on the last day of the month.

PaperWork Theatre Tea Cup commission:

North West theatre makers are invited to apply by submitting a short application for £200. For musicians and composers, you can apply if your work is connected to and considered part of theatre. You must be aged 18 and over, and developing a new idea for theatre.

Liverpool Soup

Liverpool Soup is a micro-funding project run by local people. Four events across the year where people come together to learn about inspiring community projects across Merseyside and use the money they paid on the door to support them. You can pitch your idea if it is a community-based project. Get in touch with them via the website:

Art Collection Liverpool

That's us! We give out £500 grants to artists in Liverpool every time we reach the amount. The more members we have, the quicker we can grant. If you are a Liverpool based artist, you need to be nominated by someone within the group, but anyone is free to join as a member, paying £1 each week. Unfortunately you are not able to nominate yourself, but get to know us- your turn might come around!

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