Lucy, Member

This is such a brilliant scheme! DIY, grassroots support of local culture. A no-strings grant no matter how small is always welcome as an artist, but the support and local connection is an interesting and important element. I'm really enjoying supporting this.

Kali, Grantee

"The Art Collection grant has been exceptionally useful to me as I have been developing my music production skills via lots of different projects. The grant has meant that I have been able to buy digital software which recreates the sound of vintage recording equipment, giving further creative character to instrumental recordings. This has largely broadened the possibilities of sounds that I can achieve in my home recording setup."

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Art Collection Member (anon)

"If I think of all the art, film, books, music and creative content I have consumed since lockdown...£1 is a tiny gift back each week to those who created it, who might not be feeling the benefit of secure income at the moment."

Siubhán, member

I set up Art Collection Liverpool to support the creative community in Liverpool. It has given me so much, and I want to see the people who work in it well support by the people who love it. It's the very reason I still live and work in this city.